*The official video of the first single from Myths, Legends & Lies 'The Shadow Of King John' is released on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 10AM BST. Click the image below. Please view and share*
Myths, Legends and Lies is now released and available on all popular formats.
Two new videos from Danny about the album release
*Myths, Legends & Lies - Press Release*
A press release for the new album has been put together with Danny. Links below:
*New album/vinyl & t-shirt now available through Townsend Music*
I am proud to announce that I now have a live store with Townsend Music and on it you can purchase the new cd, the new double vinyl version, the download of the album and a brand new t shirt. If you haven’t pre ordered it already, here is where to get it. Please share with everyone in the known universe!
Thanks to Bruce and Nic at Townsend for inviting me to be part of their musical family. Thanks to Graeme Purdy Bell for all his hard work on the art and design and thanks to Lina Bodis for the awesome photos!!
****If you pre ordered through Pledge, whether you received your refund and re-donated through Go Fund Me or not, you will still receive your items regardless in early June****
Check them out here

*Another update from the studio - Friday 22nd March 2019 - Solo gigs announced*
*Danny’s Update From The Studio - Tuesday 4th Feb 2019*

*Update from the studio*

Danny's Update

**Update - Please see this update video from Danny via the link below. Any potential pledgers, please don't send money to Pledgemusic. Everything is explained in the video**
Welcome to Danny Vaughn’s Myths, Legends and Lies solo album Pledge Campaign!
“Myths, Legends & Lies” is Danny’s first solo album in eleven years. In it are songs populated by Gods and heroes, kings and derelicts, gun slingers and card sharps, cyborgs and sailors all telling their tales of life, injustice, love & murder.
The campaign has now ended but the pledge page is still available to view by pledgers and exclusive updates will be posted by Danny during the recording process.
The album is due to be released by 14th June 2019.


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