Rare Tracks 1984 - 2005

At the prompting of several friends I have put together a bunch of mostly unheard stuff that I’ve done over the years. I’ve decided to make them available here on the web site for free to any and all total fanatics out there (bless you!). I welcome anyone writing in about any or all of these songs and performances. It’s been a blast just unearthing some of them. And, if you like this part of the web site, I may be able to add more to it later on.

I would like to say that, while all 13 songs I’ve included here are free to anybody to listen to and to file share, I am asking that, if you possibly can, please make a PayPal contribution to the web site.

Thanks, and enjoy!
Danny Vaughn

Cover designed by Michael Parrish.
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D.W.I - YOU CAN’T BEAT THE BAND - Free MP3 Download
Ah, the beginnings! I spent a lot of time initially jumping from band to band, looking for what it was that I wanted to do. D.W.I. was the first band I was in that concentrated exclusively on originals and didn’t play the thriving New York/New Jersey rock cover circuit in the 1980's.
In 1984 we recorded a demo of 8 songs over a weekend in a studio in Nyack, New York. It’s rough stuff and I flinch a little when I listen to my early singing and lyric writing but, hey, that’s what rarities are all about, right? The players are: Jeff Burstyn-guitars, John Tamigi-guitars, Tony Albero- bass, and Matthew Hill-drums.

The Allied Forces story has been told an awful lot in the past, but I’ve never set the record straight in print before. Allied Forces was an extremely successful cover band in the mid 80's that played all over the New York/New Jersey area. At times we tried our hand at original songs written by various band members, but, in the end, we were making good money playing metal covers and it was a fun way to make a living for several years (although don’t let anybody tell you that it isn’t work!). Anyway, around 1992 when Tyketto was in full swing, Allied Forces got the idea to reunite in our old home territory of Rockland County, New York to do a benefit concert for a cause that meant a great deal to several of us, the Lakota Sioux Nation of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Lots of great players from Danger, Danger, Twisted Sister, Trixter, White Lion, and many others joined us to make it a very successful evening. Later, we got the idea to put together a group of songs related to the struggle of the Indian Nations and see if we couldn’t put out a theme album whose proceeds would be paid directly to the Lakota Nation. In between tours and other obligations with Tyketto I managed to write some lyrics for one or two songs and recorded some vocals for what was only to be a demo. It was pretty rough but was only meant to give enough of an idea to a record company so that we could get the budget to make a real album. Well, nobody was interested and it all just got swept under a rug and never heard from again.
That is, until years later when one member of the band got greedy and decided to use my name to get himself a deal and put out an Allied Forces album composed of various recordings the band had made both with and without me as a singer. He didn’t tell any of the other band members either. The worst of it was that he didn’t do as we all had promised as far as sending the proceeds to the Lakota Nation. He kept whatever he got for himself. This was a true shame as the spirit of these 2 songs was pure in heart when we created them and he spoiled that and we ended up in one of those stupid legal battles you always here about.
And that’s the reason why I have always asked people not to buy the CD if they find it.
This song, Thundernation, was not finished in my opinion, but I was pleased with the lyrics I wrote trying to show the pride of such an incredible race of people.

Another one from the same project. Much more of a rocker that I put some lyrics and quick vocals to all in one day.
The band were: Donny Anderson-guitars, Vinny Taylor-bass, Tom France-drums, Ronny Berger-guitars. I’m afraid I don’t know who it was that played keyboards for the recordings.

Right when I had decided to come out of my 4 year exile from the music business and begin working on a new solo album, we got approached by Rock Dream Records in New Jersey to do a track for a tribute to Cheap Trick. The music was recorded at Sound Spa Studios in New Jersey. I had just moved to Nashville the week the band recorded their tracks and hadn’t even gotten a new phone number when the guys were desperately trying to find me so that we could meet our deadline. I found a studio in the heart of country music and surprised everyone there when I walked in with this under my arm. I still think it’s an absolutely fierce recording that I love to listen to. The players are: Michael Clayton Arbeeny-drums, Kyle Cummings-keyboards, Steve Deacutis-guitar, and Hal B. Selzer-bass. Michael had the great idea of opening up with a snippet from the movie “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”.

Taken from one of the first demos that we put together to send to Z Records to get their interest in making the first Vaughn album. They liked what they heard and the result was an album I am extremely proud of and might possibly still be my favorite of my own recordings, “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside”.
At the time, we still hadn’t gotten a complete band roster together and I was looking to do some co-writing as well as do my own songs. The music for this one was written by a friend, Richie Galdieri. I did my own lyrics and melody and we were very happy with the Led Zeppelin feel the tune had. Z Records loved it. So why have you never heard it before? At the last minute, my co writer decided he didn’t want the music used on my album but was going to use it for something else instead. Rather than deal with the potential of another one of those silly legal battles I mentioned earlier we just let it go. A real shame.
But, since it’s free, you can finally hear it for yourself.
The band were: Michael Clayton Arbeeny-drums, Kyle Cummings-keyboards, Tony Flora-bass, and some amazing guitar work by a good friend that came in at the very last minute to save the demo, Stephen Ross.

This song was recorded for the SASOR album but was only used as an extra track on the Japanese version and on a limited release maxi single with “Is That All There Is” and “Shadowland”. Definitely one of my more Springsteen influenced songs. The band were: Michael Clayton Arbeeny-drums, PJ Zitarosa-guitar, Kyle Cummings-keyboards, and Jaimie Scott-bass.

VAUGHN - SOLDIERS AND SAILORS ON RIVERSIDE (The Tour Bus - Road Trip) - Free MP3 Download
Ralph Sutton on The Tour Bus at WDHA has always been one of our foremost supporters. As soon as he caught wind that I was making a new CD he invited us to play acoustically on his show. This track is from our second trip to the show and comes from “The Tour Bus Road Trip” CD that Ralph compiled from a number of really great unplugged performances from some great artists.
We were nervous as hell but I think that helped somehow. If I remember right, I played acoustic guitar, Kyle Cummings played electric piano and sang great back ups, Michael and PJ split the percussion instruments between them but I’m not sure who was shaking what.

VAUGHN - HAUNTED (Total Rock Radio) - Free MP3 Download
Once the SASOR album was out we gathered our courage and decided to try going on the road again for the first time in a while. The new music was different from Tyketto and we had no idea how we would be received. We should never have doubted the British audience. We were welcomed back like old friends, which we are, after all. In the beginning of the British Tour we were invited to play live and do an interview for Totalrock Radio in London. On the morning of our London show, we groggily set up our gear in an empty King’s Head Pub in Fulham and tuned up awaiting the recording crew. Well, we played 3 songs and it went well even though we were a bit intimidated by the conditions. It’s weird playing in an empty pub. Wouldn’t be the last time, though!
This was the first Vaughn lineup of Michael, Kyle, PJ, Jaimie, and myself.

DANNY VAUGHN - WINGS (Alternate Take) - Free MP3 Download
A few years ago I attempted to leap into the digital age by getting a small Roland 1680 home studio and some other cool gadgets. I had been really getting back to my beginnings by playing solo acoustic guitar shows and a lot of people encouraged me to make a go of an acoustic CD. I didn’t have a clue how to do it so it was all by trial and error that I learned as I went. What resulted was the “Danny Vaughn Standing Alone” acoustic CD. 6 songs from both my Tyketto and Vaughn days redone in an extremely simple, stripped down way. I haven’t been able to afford to make another printing of it even though I get requests for it every day but I am hoping to have it available again some time this year. Anyway, presented here are a couple of alternate takes from that album. When I first recorded the acoustic version of the Tyketto song “Wings” I sang it pretty much as I always have. Later, it seemed to me that the idea was to make these versions very different and I went back in and recorded a vocal that was much quieter and in a lower register. Not everybody liked that idea, so here is the way it was originally recorded.

DANNY VAUGHN - WAS THERE A MOMENT (Alternate Take) - Free MP3 Download
Another alternate take from the acoustic album of a song originally on the Vaughn CD, “Fearless”. This was the first version I attempted, complete with a drum machine loop, lots of backing vocals, and doubled lead vocals. Later, I decided to drop all the extras and go back to basics.

I was approached by a Brazilian label, Frontline Records to take part in a Journey tribute album. For the most part, I’m not interested in tribute albums, but ask a singer to attempt to sing Journey? That’s a challenge that’s tough to resist. You will have to judge how I did but the band was superb!
We recorded it, once again, at Sound Spa studios in an evening and I must say that I think this is a really strong version.
True to the original but adding a bit more guts to it. I have always adored this song and even got to throw in a live scat over the na-nas at the end that I have always sung whenever I sing along to the radio.
One of the reasons I think our version of this song is so fierce is that it features the live rhythm section we had recently toured with that included a new addition, Paul Mocci, on bass. He and Michael, are one of the most powerful bass and drum combos that I have ever heard. PJ was scorching on guitar and Kyle did his usual, awesome job on piano. The ridiculous, ending chorus of voices was Kyle, Steve DeAcutis, myself, and little extra help from old friend Russell Arcara.

Here’s where you get to play judge and jury. I prepared several songs for the “From The Inside” CD for Frontiers records. This song was one that they ended up rejecting even after we had a fully recorded version of it. It was supposed to make an appearance on the Japanese version, but that never happened either.
So here is a relatively new song for ya! This is my home demo version on which I play all the instruments (not necessarily all that well!) and is backed by a drum machine. So it’s raw, but the idea gets across. So now you tell me....should it be done on a Vaughn album?

TYKETTO - NOTHING BUT LOVE (Live) - Free MP3 Download
I got to eat my words last year when, after years of saying it would never happen, Tyketto reunited for an amazing European tour. Let me tell you, eating crow never tasted so good! Well, the bootleggers and ebayers are getting faster and more efficient at their brand of robbery each and every day so I had barely gotten home from the tour and unpacked when I was told about a live bootleg of the Tyketto show at the Underworld in London. A friend sent me a copy of it and, in spite of my initial anger, I had to admit it was a damned good recording! In fact, I may copy and release the entire concert myself now. That’ll teach ‘em. November 12, 2004, London was sold out and an amazing rush right from the start. What I love about this recording, primitive as it is, is that the crowd is as loud as the band and they sing along with every word of every song. That’s what makes our shows so special to me each and every time. That it’s a family affair. If you didn’t get to see the reunion, here’s a taste of what the fuss was all about. Brooke, Jimi, Michael, and me doing the best we can. Next time I promise to get the words right!