Vaughn - Forever Live

Z Records

Bad Water (Live)
Rescue Me (Live)
Million Miles Of Road (Live)
Is That All There Is (Live)
Wings (Live)
Fly Away (Live)
Haunted (Live)
Last Sunset (Live)
Was There A Moment (Live)
Sail Away (Live)
Forever Young (Live)

"Here’s an album I’m not going to recommend but it is part of my history. It’s one of those occasions where I got talked into doing something that I didn’t want to do. I’m not a big fan of live albums at the best of times but most of the really good ones are made with lots of portable recording equipment that travels everywhere with a band when it tours and records every show. Then they take the best performances from the entire tour and make an album. This was recorded on a budget on one night only. There are some great moments, like our extended version of “Sail Away”, but, over all, I wish I hadn’t agreed to do it."