From The Inside - From The Inside

Frontiers Records

Nothing At All
Fight For Love
Losing Game
Blessing In Disguise
Is Anybody Watching Me?
Beautiful Goodbye

"In 2004 Frontiers Records approached me to work on a project together. It turned out that I have quite a few fans in that company and, while they were hoping to put together a new Tyketto album, things weren’t ready for that to happen just yet. They had had some success with a project album fronted by Kelly Hansen and asked if I would be interested in trying the same thing. They wanted me to try my hand at singing other peoples’ songs and sent over 20 different tunes for me to check out. This sort of thing wasn’t in my comfort zone but when I heard one song in particular, Amanda Marshall’s haunting “Beautiful Goodbye”, I agreed to try my hand at it. What I like about this album is the variety of musical styles on it. I was covering songs done by Leann Rimes, Amanda Marshall, and a couple of Eurovision Contest songs. I also got to write and co-write some of my own, making a nice balance. This was the first time I worked with producer Fabrizio Grossi, who has remained a good friend over the years."