Tyketto - The Last Sunset : Farewell 2007

Self Released

Can't Fight
Big Wheels
Till The Summer Comes
Calling On You
Is Anybody Watching Me?
Walk Away
Bourbon Street (Lay Your Body Down)
Burning Down Inside (Demo)
Go For Your Guns
The Last Sunset (Live from Spain, 2004)

"Tyketto had been getting together to play again ever since 2004. It was never going to be more than an occasional adventure because all of the guys have jobs and families to attend to but we did it when we could and the first reunion, in particular, was met with a hugely warm reception. But by 2007 Michael felt that he wasn’t going to be able to do it any more so he called for a final tour. This cd collection of demos and “almost was” songs was put together for the hardcore fans, the ones that were always asking, “Do you have any unreleased stuff collecting dust in the vaults?” Most bands do but there’s a reason that those songs are collecting dust. Usually it’s because they just aren’t that good. I’ll let you be the judge of that. These are songs we’d written together over the years but which never got to see the light of day. Most of these songs are in demo form and we re-mastered them as best as we could. By the way, retirement didn’t last long!"