From The Inside - Visions

Frontiers Records

Light Years
Making Waves
If It's Not Love
Listen To Your Heart
Love Is No Stranger
21st Century
Days Of Hunger
Moment To Moment
One More Night In Heaven
Push Me Off

"Time for a second round with the Frontiers project we’d done so well with in 2004. Now I know that many of my fans love this album so I’m not going to say too much to put it down but this one was not nearly as enjoyable an experience as the previous one. Previously I had been sent a whole list of songs from which to choose the ones I felt most comfortable singing. This time I was told, in no uncertain terms, which songs I would be singing and I wasn’t happy with some of the choices. I did, however, get to write more of my own songs, along with producer Fabrizio Grossi, and these I like a lot. Our goal was simple: let’s make an album with a real Journey kind of sound to it. I’d like to think that we got some of that right."