Burning Kingdom - Simplified


Stay Awake (Intro)
Watching As It Burns
From On High
That's My Boogie
That One That Almost Got Away
We Are A Wall
I Will Fight No More Forever
Falling Down
Killing Time
Skeleton Tribe

"I received an email from a friend in Madrid saying that he was in contact with a good band that were in the midst of recording their third album when they ran aground with singer problems. I was introduced to Manuel Seoane, a young guitarist of exceptional skill, who was doing everything he could to see his new album get finished. His passion and his good nature won me over and I found myself travelling back and forth to Madrid in order to write lyrics and melodies for music that had already been recorded. It is the general consensus that this is the wrong way round to write and record music. But we did it. And the result, “Simplified” is an excellent piece of melodic metal that I think fans are going to love."