Waysted - Save Your Prayers

Capitol / EMI

Walls Fall Down
Black & Blue
Singing To The Night
Hell Comes Home
Heroes Die Young
Heaven Tonight
How The West Was Won
Wild Night
Out Of Control
So Long

This is where it all began for me. My fast ride introduction to the world of rock and roll on a global scale. Standing side by side with a good friend, Johnny Dee, and a couple of my musical heroes I did my best to grow into a space larger than myself that needed filling. I remember at times being pretty terrified. Would anyone notice? Am I going to make my mark….? Well, I’m still here and this album has been re-released in a variety of shapes and sizes over the years, so I’m happy to see that people still remember it and regard it as an album worth returning to.
Being in Waysted led me to touring the world opening for Iron Maiden (the best!) and Status Quo (not so much). The London Marquee Club! Madison Square Garden! Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel! 40,000 people in Budapest! 8 nights at The Hammersmith Odeon!
It charted on the US Billboard top two hundred album charts and the song, “Heaven Tonight” was my first MTV video. And no one ever lets me forget the green spandex.