Tyketto - Don't Come Easy


Forever Young
Burning Down Inside
Standing Alone
Lay Your Body Down
Walk On Fire
Nothing But Love
Strip Me Down
Sail Away

"Although it never sold the millions of records that its fans (and us, for that matter) thought it deserved to, DCE has remained a benchmark in the land of melodic rock and AOR. We were a band on a mission. We had worked hard at putting together this set of songs and we felt that they formed a pretty seamless album. We aspired to the likes of our heroes at the time, Journey, Foreigner, Night Ranger and Bon Jovi to name a few. Whether or not we succeeded is up to the listener but, no matter what, we managed to create at least 2 songs that have stayed in the hearts and minds of everyone that’s heard them: Standing Alone and Forever Young. Nothing is more gratifying to a songwriter than knowing you’ve created something that gets used as the backdrop for someone’s life.
We released 3 singles off DCE, “Forever Young”, “Seasons” and “Wings”. The first songs got a full-on MTV video, the second one didn’t, and the third got a video that we made and paid for ourselves. It was our parting shot at a record industry that was already in the process of turning its back on us, and others like us, while our star was busily trying to rise. Regrets? Not a one. Fans still want to hear this album and we still love to play it live."