Tyketto - Strength In Numbers

Music For Nations / JVC

Strength In Numbers
Rescue Me
End Of The Summer Days
Ain't That love
Catch My Fall
Last Sunset
All Over Me
Write Your Name In The Sky
Meet Me In The Night
Why Do You Cry
Inherit The Wind
Standing Alone (94 Remix)

"We recorded this album in San Francisco in 1992 thinking that all was well and it would be a strong follow-up to DCE. As the story goes, our record company took us all the way to the end of the line (promotional copies were in circulation to some radio stations) before making the sudden decision to drop us completely. With miles of two inch reel tape in the trunks of our cars we shopped it around for almost two years until it found a home at Martin Hooker’s “Music For Nations” label in the UK. It got a solid run in Europe and produced a much-loved single, “The End Of The Summer Days”. “Strength” is a more diverse album than DCE is. We all began showing more of our roots and influences with blues, Zeppelin and Aerosmith based songs. We were growing as writers and producers and wanted to show what we were capable of. “Rescue Me” was Tyketto all over but then “Inherit The Wind” had its ominous opening and then thundered into the heaviest piece of metal riffery we had ever done. “Why Do You Cry” was straight up blues and who would have guessed that a simple little country ditty, “The Last Sunset” would become a fan favorite? Perhaps not as widely embraced as DCE was, but every bit as good."