Tyketto - Take Out & Served Up Live

Music For Nations

Forever Young (1988 Demo)
Tearin' Up the Night (1988 Demo)
Standing Alone (1988 Demo)
Drag the River (1992 Demo)
Wait Forever
Burning Down Inside (1992 Live)
Lay Your Body Down (1992 Live)
Let It Go (Live In London 1996)
Seasons (Live In London 1996)
Nothin' but Love (Live In London 1996)
Shine (Live In London 1996)
The End of the Summer Days (Live In London 1996)
Get Me There (Live In London 1996)
High (Live In London 1996)
Jaimie (Live In London 1996)

"I made the tough decision to leave Tyketto at the end of 1995, but the band soldiered on with Steve Augeri taking my place. Steve is a good friend and a fantastic singer so I knew the band was in good hands. They released an album called “Shine” and did some hard touring behind it. After that, Music For Nations encouraged them to release this collection of “Live performances, B-sides and Un-released Tracks, 1987-1996”. It was a weird period because they knew that they had to release some songs with me singing on them but we weren’t talking to each other at the time. There was still a lot of anger on both sides about my departure. So this album was the beginning of us re-building our bridges. For me it is most memorable for the inclusion of “Tearing Up The Night”, which was our signature opening song in the clubs before we got our record deal, and “Drag The River”, a nasty little song about where the bodies are buried. Neither one were deemed quite good enough to make it to either of our first two studio releases but there is an intensity and a charm to both of them that I like a lot."