Vaughn - Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside

Z Records

Bad Water
Is That All There Is
Healing Hands
A Handful Of Rain
Stone Monkey
Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside
Paradise Ain't Home
Gandy Dancer
The Voice
House Of Cards (Japanese Bonus Track)

"For over three years I wasn’t involved in anything musical. But I did keep writing songs. It was a great feeling, to be able to write whatever I wanted to and not have to think about demographics and other business-minded terms. I just wrote. One day, Tyketto drummer Michael Arbeeny called to see how I was doing. We hadn’t spoken much over the past three years but we weren’t upset with each other anymore. I invited him up to where I was staying and, eventually, he convinced me to play him some of the demos I had been making. I couldn’t believe how enthusiastic he was. “We have to record this stuff”, he kept saying. True to his word, he made sure that we did. SASOR is one of my favorite of my solo albums. You never forget your first. I call it my 1970’s album. I like the way it changes moods and takes you on a proper journey all the way through it, the way the albums of my youth did. I learned on this album that the best songs come from your own personal experience of life and the deeper you dig, the more pure the gold. We had a great time making this album in the pastoral surroundings at Millbrook Sound with my dear friend Paul Orofino, who absolutely understood what I was after. It was natural, it was honest, and it has some of my best songs on it."