Vaughn - Fearless

Z Records

Fly Away
A Million Miles Of Road
Was There A Moment
When You Walk Away
Dulcimer Street
Just Like That
Carry Me Home

After having several years to write enough songs to make up the “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside” album, Z Records wanted to get another one out the following year. “Fearless” is probably the most rushed I have ever felt when creating an album and the impending deadline did cause us to come up short on the length of the whole thing. But, for many, it’s their favorite of my solo efforts. There are some very strong songs on this and, once again, the subject matter stayed with things that meant the most to me. Like the previous album, it was recorded with Paul Orofino at Millbrook Sounds Studios, a place I think of as a home away from home and an atmosphere that made being creative come naturally."