Fearless is 20!

Can it really be twenty years already since I released my second solo album, "Fearless"? It hardly seems possible. But then, a lot of my life at the time comes back to me with a dream-like quality.

I had come out of retirement in 2000 to release my first-ever solo album, "Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside" and was wonderfully surprised at how warmly I was welcomed back on the scene and at how well the album had been received, considering it definitely was not a Tyketto album, even though 3/4 of Tyketto played on it. I certainly wasn't prepared for being asked to make a second solo album on the heels of the first.

Luckily, I was back into the flow of writing again and the songs "Fearless" and "Haunted" had already been constructed after the Sasor tour. With Michael pushing me onwards, as he always has, I put nose to grindstone and came up with more songs (only just enough, looking back on it) to send us all back into the studio for another round. Once again we used Paul Orofino and Millbrook Sound as our creative base of operations and it was Michael on drums, Jamie Scott on bass, Kyle Cummings on keyboards and PJ Zitarossa on guitar, along with a couple of guest spots joining in on the fun. And it was fun. All albums should be made the way these two were. A little bit of pressure, a lot of laughter and a fair amount of freedom to experiment and try anything. This included raiding a nearby metal junk bin for makeshift percussion instruments.

The end result is an album I like very much, to this day, and, more importantly, one that the fans still like very much. So if you haven't heard it, now is the time. And if you have, mark the occasion and join in on a little celebration with me, won't you?

Here's to twenty years of "Fearless"!

And thank you :-)

Danny Vaughn

Fearless is now out of print but is available as a digital download on the website.

Go here and scroll down to the Fearless album art where you can click with the option to buy individual tracks or the full album.

Graeme Purdy Bell also did an exceptional job of creating some Fearless apparel including the classic T Shirt, the Hoodie (pull over or zipped), the long sleeved T Shirt and the ever popular Baseball Shirt. You can find these also via the website from our friends at JCPL

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