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Additional New Merchandise Now Available!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

If you tuned into last Thursday's concert, or watched it on my youtube page, then you knew this was coming. If you didn't...Surprise!!!! It's a DV Merchandise extravaganza!!!

Brought to you by the good people at JCPL, designed by the exceptionally talented Graeme Purdy Bell and lovingly watched over by our own Julie Bootland, I'm really happy to show you the latest additions to our swag family. Danny Vaughn Mugs, The Myths, Legends & Lies 12 piece coaster set, The DV 4 piece coaster set, the DV Beanie, and, (because, why not?) The Danny Vaughn Teddy Bear!! Yeah, we've gone a little mental but, hey, it's fun!

Available to view via Danny's website here or by directly visiting the JCPL landing page here

Everything, including our ultra cool hoodies, t-shirts, baseball jerseys, long sleeved shirts and collectible gold foil posters are made to your order so they might take a little bit longer to get to you but they will be worth it. Enjoy!

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