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Personal Video Song Dedications Still Available

The lyric sheets may have sold out (in record time again!) but the personal video song dedications are still available.

I can perform a song of your choosing, dedicated to anyone you like, and make that video exclusively for you. Obviously, it has to be a song that I have written and/or sung. Cover songs aren't a good idea in this litigious world of ours. And, although most are, not every song is possible to perform acoustically so if you should choose one that I feel I can't do a good version of we'll contact you and ask you to choose another or offer you a full refund. Within 7 days of your order you will receive a link via email to download your personal video performance.

Please use the link within 5 days of receiving it as sometimes they expire quickly

Sound good? There has been some wonderful feedback on the various official/fan Facebook pages on videos I have already completed. You can find out all the information you need and place your order right here: Personal Video Song Dedication

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