Soldier & Sailors On Riverside Reaches Its 21st Anniversary!

Following on from the post yesterday on the 20th Anniversary of Fearless, today the first solo album Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside turns 21!

From last year on the 20th Anniversary.......

"20 years ago today, with more than just a little anxiety and worry I released my first solo album, “Soldiers and Sailors on Riverside”. All the memories associated with writing, recording and touring this album are warm ones. Thank you Michael Arbeeny, PJ Zitarosa, Kyle Cummings, Jamie Scott, Paul Orifino and even Mark Alger for being a part of this happy memory."

So it is a very Happy 21st to SASOR! SASOR is now out of print but is available as a digital download on the website. Go to the Music page and scroll down to the SASOR album art where you can click with the option to buy individual tracks or the full album.

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