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Tyketto UK Tour News

Updated: Apr 4

Here it is, ladies and gents, children of all ages!! The September U.K. tour is on! And why am I so excited? It's not often that you get to tour with one of your favorite bands EVER! Tyketto are very excited to announce that our co-headliners for the September tour are none other than the mighty LITTLE CAESAR!!! Coming all the way from California to rock your socks off, these guys are bare knuckles, real deal rock and roll and, having seen them several times, I can tell you that they leave it all on stage! This is going to be so much fun. We will also have a very special guest band opening up for us but that little tidbit of joy will be saved for a later date.

Please note: tickets are not on sale yet. Planet Rock will be doing a pre sale on Thursday, 9am U.K. time and we will post live ticket links on our tour page over on on Friday at 9am U.K. time.

London, Cambridge, Nottingham, Barnsley, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Southampton!

We hope to see you coming out in droves!!!

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