Making Myths, Legends & Lies was one of the best adventures of my life and I want to share as much of the experience with my fans as I can. 

I called upon the artistic skills of Graeme Purdy Bell to collaborate with me on this very special, full colour, brochure that opens up the albums' "book of secrets", if you will. 

In it you will find loads of my own personal photographs documenting our days in the studio with all of those wonderful musicians as well as a number of my favorite images taken during my travels around the world.

Inside I share with you the personal story behind each and every song and it's creation. 

All the song lyrics are re printed here as well and  Graeme's lush designs, beautiful artwork and deep colours give the brochure a very old world, mythical feeling.

I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with me as much as I loved being on it myself.

The Making Of Myths, Legends and Lies Brochure