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House concerts come in all shapes and sizes and so there are endless variations on how they get put together. Hopefully this form will give you most of the guidelines you need to help plan your event. Please keep in mind that every situation is different and almost everything listed here is flexible.

$1,500 US Dollars or €1,400 Euros or £1,200 Pounds.
I ask for a 50% deposit at least 2 months before the show so that the date is secured and for the 2nd half to be paid just before the show itself. If I’m flying from another country it’s a good idea to wait until you’re sure I’ve landed on your shores.
I use Wise (formerly Transferwise) for all financial transactions. They cost much less than bank transfers and give better conversion rates. If you are unfamiliar with Wise I can send you an invitation to check out. It's free to join and the fees are very low

If I am flying from my home in Spain to another country solely for the purpose of playing at your event then you will be asked to cover my round trip flight and ground transportation. It is possible, however, to put several events together and divide the travel costs up between them. Or, if I am already in your area for other reasons, it might only cost you a train ticket or cab fare. I would need you to arrange picking me up at either an airport or train station close to you and to get me back the following day after the concert. I will also ask you to pay for one night in a decent hotel. Doesn’t have to be 5 star as long as it’s clean and comfortable.

SOUND EQUIPMENT: If it’s just a few friends in your living room then nothing is needed. I’ll just show up with my guitar and sing without a microphone. (I’m told that I project pretty well!) Anything larger than that, however, may require you to rent a small PA system. I only need 4 channels, maximum, with a small effects loop of internal reverb. I usually bring my own microphone but would need you to supply: the boom mic stand, mic cable, guitar cables (airlines don’t like to see guitar cables in your luggage as they think you might try to strangle the pilot with them!) acoustic guitar stand and a sturdy music stand for my lyrics. I like to play sitting down so a high bar stool without arms would be best if you can get one.

DESCRIBE YOUR SPACE: In the form below you will be asked to describe the space you have planned for the show. This helps give me an idea of what sort of show it will be and how many people you are thinking of having attend. Every show is different. Some people rent out a small pub, or a restaurant. Some rent out a small acoustic concert venue. Some have summer parties in their back garden and some just use their living room. I’ve played in castles, barns and wine cellars and they’ve all been fun!

SET LIST: I like to change up my set lists as much as possible to make each show a little unique. The best way to do that is to plan some of it out with you, the host, making sure that you get to hear your favorites. It’s important to know, however, that for certain songs I need to play in a different tuning and might, therefor, require you to get hold of a 2nd acoustic guitar (decent model and make, please. I prefer Taylor, Yamaha or Takamine but there are plenty of good ones) with a new set of strings on it that I can switch to for those songs. It takes too long to retune during a show and I can’t fly with more than one instrument.

FOOD: It’s certainly not required that you feed me but some people do ask so I’ll just let you know that I am mostly vegan. No meat, no dairy, no eggs. I do eat fish. Sometimes this is troublesome for people but don’t worry, we can talk about that further on down the line if need be. And rest assured, I’m not preachy about it. I don’t tell other people what they should or shouldn’t eat. This is just my thing.

CANCELLATIONS:  It’s unfortunate, but they sometimes do happen. If I have to cancel, any deposit you have sent will be fully refunded. If you have to cancel and there is plenty of time before the show and no flights have been paid for, then a full refund is no problem. If you cancel with less than 30 days before the agreed date, I may need to charge for any loss or outlay on my part as it would be too late to book another show on your date. As with most of this, it’s not written in stone and sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. We’ll work something out.

SOME IDEAS FOR YOU: There are all sorts of ways that people present their private shows. Some people put on a buffet and bar and charge an entry fee to help with the costs. Some have included tip jars for myself, (not necessary), or charitable causes, (better). Some folks just pay for the whole thing and invite their friends. Some parties have a theme, some are outdoor barbecues, some are for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations or just because.

Over the last few years these house concerts have proven to be some of the most enjoyable and personal experiences of my life and I’ve made new friends all over the world because of them. I’m very much looking forward to us creating a touch of musical magic in your house!

House Concert Booking Form

Thanks for submitting. Danny will be in touch

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