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I’ve always been, first and foremost, an acoustic guitarist and storyteller. That particular set of skills didn’t get used all that often when touring with rock bands and playing big concert stages. But recently I have started performing private House Concerts at the encouragement of my friend, Dan Reed, who has been doing them steadily for several years now.

I’ve enjoyed playing at quite a few since I started and each one is a completely unique experience that brings the listener and the performer up close and personal. One of the exciting things about these shows is that there are very few hard and fast rules.

I’ve done private shows for an excited group of 50 or 60 fans and I’ve done some for an attentive family of 4. Everybody comes up with their own unique way to put them on. Sometimes they rent a venue or a pub, serve food and drinks and split the cost between the guests. Sometimes people hold them in their living rooms or gardens, and, of course, the client gets to help me personalize their set list.

Sometimes I’m there to help celebrate a birthday, wedding or an anniversary but always I have the honour to be playing in front of dedicated live music fans that are kind enough to give my songs and my stories their undivided attention for a couple of hours and it always results in something deeply personal and unique. Sometimes I even get invited to stay for dinner afterwards! Bonus!!


As live music is, at long last, coming back into our lives again I’m really eager to do more House Concerts and bring the music back to an intimate and fun exchange. On this page you will find lots of pictures from previous performances and you can read what people have had to say about their own house concert experiences. Got a big celebration coming up? Or maybe it’s a ‘just because’ idea you want to go for? If it’s something you’ve always thought about doing and are ready to go for then contact me here for details.

See you soon,   



Club Sanchez 2022.jpeg

To say that hosting a house show with Danny Vaughn is an experience would be an understatement.  We have had the honor of having over to our house, affectionally named Club Sanchez twice.  Both times were smashing successes.  The first time we hosted, we had a brunch event in our back yard on the Sunday morning the day after the M3 festival in 2018.  The event was witnessed by over 50 friends and family of all ages, some who travelled thousands of miles to attend.  Danny provided wholesome entertainment, laughs, amazing music, and a memorable experience.  We were scheduled to host once again in May of 2020, but the pandemic precluded us from hosting or having folks travel from far and wide.  


We were very blessed to have a redo in the fall of 2022, where we move indoors to a more intimate setting. This time, we had nearly 40 in attendance.  again, the experience was fantastic, where we laughed, sang along, and even did a shout out for the Monsters of Rock Cruise.  These house shows provide us the listeners an opportunity to hear the stories behind the songs, listen to funny "on-the-road" scenarios, and bond with Danny and each other in the shared experience.  We will always open our doors to Danny to perform, as he is a member of the family, and our friends appreciate the shared gift he brings us. 

Pete & Glenda

Danny Vaughn is an amazing artist and a consummate professional and presenting him as part of my house concert series was an absolute honor, delight, and smooth as can be.


His performance is dynamic, engaging, and spans his entire career.  It works for fans and newbies alike as he draws folks in with his undeniable songwriting, stories, strong-as-ever voice, and brilliance. Plus he's not afraid to go to the deep cuts for the superfans! 


If you're new to presenting house concerts or a veteran, set him up, give him what he needs, and you'll be more than satisfied. Both professionally and personally, it was an absolute joy and I cannot wait to present him again

Eric Miller
DV, Eric Miller, Mark Evans .jpeg
Maine Gig_edited.jpg

The moment Danny entered my house he was treated as family and he was kind and courteous enough to interact with my family and friends as if they were his long lost family and friends. There was no "rush" feeling from Danny at all and was very casual and fun. 

Danny took his seat in the middle of my living room and he came with one hell of a setlist spanning his whole career that he allowed me to have input on in advance. What a rush of emotions as Danny started playing his guitar and the POWER of his voice as it immediately took over the room and had everyone in awe. I cannot articulate how tremendous Danny sounded with just a guitar and his voice.

Dannys voice is astonishing - no other way to put it. When most of his peers are struggling to still perform, Danny was at his peak we all felt here at my house. If you are on the fence at all about booking a house show with Danny, get off that fence and do it! It is an experience you will never forget.

Thank you Danny for an unforgettable experience.

Brian Kenyon

I had never hosted an artist in my home before, but Danny made it easy.  We invited around 40 friends, most of whom weren’t previously familiar with Danny’s music, but all of whom were absorbed by Danny’s songs on the night.

There are very few artists who can hold an audience with just an acoustic guitar and a voice, but Danny excels in the stripped down format.

The most frequent comment I’ve heard from our guests was how they loved Danny’s introductions to songs and his behind-the-song tales and how they provided an instant connection to him and his music.

For me, as someone who has known Dannys’ music from Waysted, Tyketto and his solo career, I love that now Danny’s a part of our home.  Every time I look at my fireplace, I remember the night Danny rocked our home in Texas!

Scott Forte

"House concerts are fantastic events. They give you the opportunity to hear your favourite artist in a very intimate environment. No Chatter, No Phones, just a great bond between artist and audience.


We love hosting them and have made many new friends through a mutual love of quality live music. We invite a nice mix of fans of the artist and friends and family, about 40 in total, and provide food and drink after. I would recommend anybody that has the opportunity to host one to do so


"Having previously booked other artists for house concerts, I approached Danny on behalf of a friend who was a huge fan and asked him if we could book him.

Danny was very open to the idea and we arranged a date. It was a very simple process. The private/house concert is a fantastic concept and a wonderful experience for both artist and the fans alike. It's incredibly intimate and interactive in a way that you rarely experience at bigger gigs.


If you've never been to one, I would highly recommend either booking or attending an event like this. It's an experience you will cherish and never forget. I've booked half a dozen in recent years and have more planned for this year. Give it a try you won't regret it."


"We were honoured when Danny agreed to do a house concert for our 50th birthdays.  Having him being a part of of our day before the actual gig was an amazing experience.  He is so down to earth and personable and it honestly felt like we'd been friends for years.

The actual gig was as professional as any one of his performances. He got the guests going and was happy to perform songs that were requested.
All in all, it was a most amazing experience and one that we still talk about nearly 5 years later.

We are planning to do it all over again next year for our tenth anniversary!“

“An intimate surrounding is the perfect way to experience Danny’s songs and the stories behind them.


An evening full of warmth, spirit and emotion that touched and affected everyone in some way.


It was a treat and a privilege to have him play at our event and to share his stunning voice and memorable lyrics.  It was an incredible night, one never to be forgotten.”


“The highlight of our 2016 was when Danny kindly came to our home to
perform for my wife’s 50th birthday. We converted our living room into a mini-concert venue and invited all our friends and family along to enjoy the occasion.

My wife was completely unaware that this was happening and I can still see the expression on her face to this very day when Danny strolled out of our dining room singing ‘happy birthday’.


The evening was sensational and personal. Danny came armed with his wonderful Yamaha guitar and even allowed me to join in on a couple of songs. Danny and I had pre-arranged a list of my wife’s favourite tunes from his extensive back catalogue and we were treated to all of these favourites and many more.


The quality of musicianship and Danny’s wonderful voice rang out through our home for nearly two hours and everyone there was completely captivated. It’s an evening that is still talked about to this very day and a memory that we all share with a great deal of fondness.”

Shaun & Carol

Danny came and played for us at our villa in Spain.  Arrangements ahead of time were very easy to make as Danny communicated promptly and clearly.  On the day Danny and Melissa arrived bang on time to meet their small audience of four made up of one avid fan and three other family members (including two in their twenties) who had next to no idea of his music – no small challenge.


What an evening it was. Armed only with his acoustic guitar, a brilliant voice and a catalogue of music he played and told stories for nearly two hours.  I had chosen a handful of songs but left the rest to Danny. We all had a great time with Danny winning over the uninitiated family members.


Danny and Melissa stopped for something to eat afterwards and the conversation just flowed as if we had known them for years.  Both were genuinely interested in us as we were in them.


A night the whole family will remember!!!!


When we hosted Danny Vaughn for a house concert in 2018, we were amazed at the experience.  Danny’s songbook ranged from the hits to deep cuts, he told stories for each song, engaged the audience with humor or sentiment, and offered a great time for all.  His entertainment was 100% effort for over an hour and 45 minutes that connected with all. 


After the performance, Danny took as much time needed to meet all the fans, sign autographs, pose for photos, and engage socially with all in attendance. His time and attention to all made the event a very special and personal experience for all.


It has been 4 years since that marvelous event and we still have friends talking about the house concert, wondering when he will return for an encore performance.  We will gladly host him anytime he returns to the east coast of the US.   

Pete & Glenda

Having been a lifelong Tyketto/Danny Vaughn fan, I was keen to help the crowd funded Myths, Legends and Lies solo album come to fruition. I was intrigued at the possibility of a House Concert (one of the options available) and fortunately my wife Julie didn’t take much convincing. We are so glad we did go for it.

We invited around 30 friends and family.

It was everything we hoped it would be and more, we even arranged for a friend to open and warm the crowd up.

As most will know Danny has a very large back catalogue so is able sing something for everyone. We loved the mix of Tyketto, solo and even a few covers were thrown in.

Danny’s sensational voice completely blew us and all of our guests away.

He is just great at spending time talking to everyone, signing merchandise etc.

If you’re thinking of going for it I can’t recommend a house concert enough, it’s a night to remember.”

Julie & David
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