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Danny Vaughn - The Rarities Volumes 1 & 2 are back available to download!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Back before Danny changed his website earlier this year, he had 25 rare tracks available to download. They were available for free, although he did ask if you were able to donate to the running of his website in return, he would be very grateful.

Well they are back! Located on the Music page at the bottom of his solo album section you will find Danny Vaughn - Rarities 1984-2005.

If you click on the cover it will bring up the list of 25 tracks. You can download any of them (or the whole album at once) and it will ask you to "Name Your Price". You can then decide to download for whatever you are prepared to pay for each track, a kind of "pay as you feel".

I know they have been mentioned a few times during the live online shows and people had asked where they were so here you go. Now available for you to enjoy once more.

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