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Lossless Downloads Now Available

Some of our more discerning fans have recently requested that I have my music available for downloading in Lossless format. I'm happy to announce that my tech wizards deep in the northern forests have made it so!!

For those that don't know, most on line music is in mp3 form and is highly compressed, meaning that you are getting a drop in quality from the original recordings. No big deal if you listen to music on your phone *shudder*. Lossless is a form of data compression which reduces the size of the original audio files with no loss of information. It's higher in sound quality and much closer to the original recordings.

You can now download my solo albums from my website in either mp3 or ALAC for the same price per song or per album.

(ALAC is the same as FLAC but created with an Apple codec, they work exactly the same as a FLAC file)

You can download them here

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