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One sleepless night in 2002, in my apartment in Nashville I picked up a guitar just to give me something to do. I was really concerned about waking up my neighbors so I played very quietly and sang a few songs with lower melody lines than usual. I really liked what I heard.
I took songs like “Wings” and “Write Your Name In The Sky” and changed them up, giving them some new life. I had just bought a Roland 1680 portable studio and, over the next couple of days I began making really simple demos of the ideas I had come up with that night. Just myself, a guitar or two, keyboards and some light percussion. It had a vibe to it that I really liked. It also marked the beginning of my current adventure as a solo acoustic artist. My favorite piece on here has to be the changed-up version of “Seasons” that Michael Arbeeny and I came up with. His drums on this are the only instrument played by someone other than myself on the entire album! It’s also got the demo of a song called “Remember When” that is a particular favorite of mine and has never appeared anywhere else. Yet."

Standing Alone | EP

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