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Released in 2007, “Traveller” is an album where I wanted to go for a harder sound than I had gotten on my previous solo outings. Engineered by the amazing Pete “Pee Wee” Coleman, the songs were a lot more guitar heavy than I had done before and I assembled a brilliant cast of players from my UK touring band which including Steve McKenna (from “10”) on bass, Greg Morris (from “Paradise Lost” and “Magnum”) on drums, Pat Heath (from “Furyon”) and Tony Marshall on guitars. It’s the first of my solo albums where I took the reins as producer, manager, travel agent, chief cook and bottle washer! Sleep came rarely.

This album contains some of my best song writing up to that point with tracks like “Miracle Days”, “Traveller”, “Lifted”, “Death Of The Tiger” and “Better By Far” many of which I still play live.

Traveller | CD

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